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TROY's MICR printer product lines are based on the world's most dependable desktop printers, Hewlett-Packard's LaserJets. TROY's innovative features ensure MICR quality to prevent check rejections and total control over the printing operation. Exact Positioning TechnologyTM fine tunes image placement at the printer. MICR toner sensors, auto-density adjustment, and toner low response ensure quality every time. Auditing provides a quick reconciliation tool. And disable-jam recovery prevents duplicate check printing under paper jam conditions.

In addition to the "BASIC" MICR printers, we offer an additional three levels of "MICR SECURE PRINTERS" in various models. The following is a detailed description of all the different features on the "standard" and "secure" MICR printers

 Basic MICR Features

ExPT™ - Exact Positioning Technology
Achieve precise MICR line placement, key to quality check processing by all financial institutions, with TROY ExPT™ positioning technology.

Electronic Paper Tray Locks and Tray Mapping
With the ability to direct data files to specific paper trays, printing on check stock in error is virtually eliminated. And only authorized users have access to valuable check stock.

MICR toner sensing
Detects presence of MICR toner and prevents check printing without MICR toner.

Password-protected control over MICR Mode
To activate the TROY printer MICR Mode, required for all check printing, a user must enter an authorized password

Automatic density settings
Toner density locked for peak performance.

Disable jam recovery
Prevents check duplication by over-riding instruction to reprint last document.

Uses both TROY MICR and HP Standard Toner Cartridges. 

TROY MICR Fonts E13-B, CMC-7, OCR A and B, Convenience Fonts, and Security Fonts.

Enhanced Security - MICR Secure

Control panel password
User defined printer settings, that control the TROY MICR security features and functions, are password protectedfrom unauthorized access.

TROY Enhanced Audit
Exposure to fraud significantly reduced by producing entire payment history data file to verify that all checks are cashed exactly as issued.

TROY Secure Encryption and Decryption
A shield around sensitive payment data that prohibits the file from being diverted to unauthorized printer.

Secure Signatures and Logos
Password protected printer resident signatures and logos reduce an organizations exposure from misrepresentation and fraud.

Highest Security - MICR Secure Ex

Secure 3-Position keylock control over MICR printing
Protection from check fraud by preventing unauthorized access to MICR resources.

TROYmark™ intelligent anti-tampering technology
Produces a repetitive watermark of user defined variable check data across the face of the check, making alterations difficult and easy to spot.

Auto-protect font
Payment data files that were incorrectly sent to a non TROY MICR printer are produced using a substitute font, creating a flawed unusable check image.

Paper tray security locks
Safeguards valuable check stock, certificate stock, or other expensive papers.


Each TROY MICR toner and MICR font is uniquely formulated and designed for use in a specific model of printer, matching toner with font, printer, and paper. TROY is the largest MICR toner manufacturer in the USA and precision-manufactures the highest quality MICR toner cartridges for laser printers.

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