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TROY MICR 4200 Security Printers

TROY MICR Secure Ex printer
shown with optional 2nd 500-sheet tray.
  • Three Model Choices - providing security options to fit your need.
  • New class of printing - a fast 35 page per minute printer with the capability to help you secure all aspects of your check printing workflow.
  • Low Cost of Ownership - faster printing, higher duty cycle. Same price as the TROY 4100 printer.
  • Improved value - faster printing, higher duty cycle. Lowestprice in its class.
  • Versatile supply options - All TROY printers are fully compatible with TROY MICR cartridges and standard HP cartridges.

TROY Exclusive Security Features

3-Position Printer Key Locks and Paper Tray Locks

Most businesses locate their workgroup printer in an open office environment. This creates a security risk. TROY offers MICR locks and paper tray locks to reduce the risk of check stock theft and printer misuse.
Standard on TROY MICR 4200 Secure Ex. Tray locks optional on other MICR 4200 printers.


Exclusive TROYmark™ Intelligent Anti-tampering Technology

TROYmark is a watermark of userdefined variable data, printed diagonally across each check. It provides state-of-the-art deterrence of fraudulent check alteration.
Standard on TROY MICR 4200 Secure Ex.


ExPT™ Exact Positioning Technology
A MICR line out of alignment is one cause of rejected checks, a multimillion dollar problem for banks and companies. ExPT allows users to precisely adjust the MICR line without affecting the data file.
Available on all TROY MICR 4200 series printers.


Built-in Secure Encryption and Decryption
Data security is critical in a distributed printing application. TROY's encryption/ decryption technology "unlocks" and prints the data only when it is received at the TROY printer.
Available on TROY MICR 4200 Secure and Secure Ex printers.


TROY MICR Toner Cartridge
For maximum reliability and low operating cost, only TROY:
  • Formulates MICR toner for each printer according to world-wide banking standards
  • Manufactures and fills MICR toner in all new OEM cartridges
  • Quality controls MICR toner manufacturing and cartridge filling in a single facility
  • Provides the TROY Check Performance Guarantee And TROY MICR toners will NOT void the manufacturer's warranty.


TROY Features


4200 Secure Ex

4200 Secure

4200 MICR


Highest Security

Enhanced Security

Basic MICR Printing

TROY ExPT™ — Exact Positioning Technology

MICR Toner Sensing

Disable Jam Recovery

Auto Set MICR Density

MICR Toner Low Notification

Flash Memory for Storing Digital Signatures and Logos

MICR Fonts E13-B, CMC-7, OCR A and B, Convenience Fonts, and Security Fonts

User Customizable MicroPrint Font

Datastream Paper Tray Locks and Mapping

Auto Page Rotation

MICR Menu Administrator Password

MICR Quality Test Page

Uses both TROY MICR & HP Standard Toner Cartridges

Three PIN-activated Controls: Printer, MICR, Job

MICR Line and Check Audit Trail Reporting

Datastream Encryption and Decryption

Auto Disable MICR Mode

Password Protected Signatures and Logos

3-Position Keylock Printing Control

TROYmark™ Intelligent Anti-Tampering Technology

Paper Tray Security Locks



Auto-Protect Font


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