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MICR Ribbon

Our Wide MICR Ribbon for high-speed impact and data processing printers include a wide variety of fabric and film ribbons.

Fabric Ribbons    (MIL represents nylon thickness 1 MIL=1/1000 inch):

    3 MIL OCR Scanning - Best print quality, sharp dark characters, shortest print life.

    4 MIL OCR/General Purpose - Good print quality, dark characters, and good print life.

    5 MIL General Purpose - General printing applications, longest print life.

Film Ribbons

 MYLAR Multistrike Ribbons are solvent ink coated with an anti-static back coating. All of the Mylar Multistrike ribbons sold by Mona Industries are manufactured using 92 gauge tensilized mylar film. This is the only film suitable for use on high speed drum printers and the ribbons are capable of producing true OCR quality printing with the longest possible ribbon life.

 Mona Industries offers only the highest quality text and film ribbons, which meet or exceed all OEM specifications for general printing applications at competitive prices.


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