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Mona Industries sells only the highest quality text and MICR ribbon. Our ribbons are produced from the finest raw materials available. Skilled Quality Control personnel very closely control coating tolerances. Before the coated material is cut to finished size, a sample of each "jumbo roll" is carefully tested to insure 100% product performance.

Mona Industries manufactures MICR ribbons for many applications. The main thrust of our ribbon business is the supply of "alpha", "bar code" and "MICR" ribbon to check printers and check manufacturers. Many of the ribbons that we manufacture and sell contain "SECURITY FEATURES" such as indelibility (bleed through characters) and /or fluorescence. These ribbons are used on all impact printers that are set up for MICR encoding, such as Troy, Dataproducts, Check Technology, Kerning, Autographic, Nale, Atlantic/Zeiser Codaprint, Dimuken, Thermotype and many more. In addition to the above, we also carry a large inventory of MICR ribbons for post encoders.

 Ribbon manufacturing is quite technical, and is an "art". A ribbon properly manufactured and properly tested will produce crisp and readable characters every time. It must however be noted and understood that the ribbon is only one variable that can create perfect printing results. Paper quality, properly maintained equipment, and proper ribbon storage are key factors for good quality printing and especially MICR encoding. There are recommended methods and paper specifications that MUST be followed in order to obtain consistant high quality MICR. Adherence to these specifications will aid in the production of not only optimum print quality, but will also help meet the minimum physical strength and surface characteristics for papers entering automated sorting systems. Following is a basic paper specification guide to be used for MICR encoding.

   Basis Weight          24 Lbs. +/- 5%
   Porosity   12 secs. min. (Gurley)  
   Burst Strength   24 Lb. Minimum
   Smoothness   90-130 Sheffield
   Moisture Content   4.5  -  5.5%
   Grain Direction Optional          
   Tear   MD         55 min.
    CD         62 min.
   Stiffness    MD      200 min.
    CD        80 min.

Paper used for MICR printing should be uncoated, smooth finish and relatively lint free. Paper that will be encoded using MICR ribbon with the "fluorescence" security feature should not contain bleach or whitener in the paper.

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