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MICR Quality Control

Although MICR encoded documents may look OK to the naked eye, it is not possible to determine if the document is within specifications in this manner. MICR printing is a matter of constant quality control. Among some of the specifications that banks check for are the following:

  • Vertical position

  • Skew

  • Character to character spacing

  • Character size

  • Voids / deletions

  • Extraneous ink or spots

  • Format

  • Magnetic signal strength

To ensure that MICR encoded checks comply with bank standards, it is very important to maintain an in-house quality assurance program. Mona Industries Inc. recommends and markets the latest state of the art VERIFIERS and GTX QUALIFIERS to monitor and detect problems associated with the MICR line.

When MICR printing errors are not identified and corrected early, the entire check runs may need to be reprinted. This results in wasted time, materials and money. When checks are regularly tested using a VERIFIER or GTX QUALIFIER, errors in the MICR line can be detected and corrected before it becomes a problem.

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