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MICR Quality Control

The MICR Qualifier.
The MICR Qualifier emulates reader/sorter transport and recognition technologies in a versatile desktop tester.

Combined with a personal computer, the MICR Qualifier GT offers a simple method to gather and analyze data on waveform shape, character spacing and dimension, peak disparity and signal level strength.  This data can either be stored to a computer for later use, or output to a printer in report format.  This information can then be used for document quality comparison or tracking.  These features make the MICR Qualifier GT an ideal, in-depth MICR analysis tool for quality control staff at business forms, printers, check printers and check processors.


The MICR Verifier.

The MICR Verifier is a stand-alone MICR tester ideal for mid-range printers. It is a relatively inexpensive portable MICR tester that combines simple, one-touch operation with sophisticated built-in analysis software. This tester supports the IBM ProPrinter and compatibles enabling a full printed report for each document tested. The screen provides an easy to understand analysis. User-selectable signal level alarm can be set for in-house standards, as well as for different format specifications for different countries. 

The MICR Verifier will provide a general report of the document. It will also provide detailed information about errors detected. If a printer is attached, you can print a summary of the document. The summary includes the MICR data line, an overall summary of findings, full signal level details, and a date and time stamp.

The Verifier is available for E-13B OR CMC-7


MICR Position and Layout Gauge.


The MICR Position and Layout Gauge is designed for visual inspection of placement, location and dimension of magnetic characters printed on checks,

The Position and Layout Gauge checks for:

•  character position
•  character alignment
•  character skew variation
•  character dimensions
•  character spacing
•  horizontal format tolerance
•  void measurements
•  extraneous ink measurements
•  paper dimensions
•  clear band detail

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